Carsdonesimple, a student-made business

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Carsdonesimple founders get their first sale as an official business. (Photo/Alexander Daniels)

When Maximilian Daniels (class of 2020) and his younger brother, Alexander Daniels (class of 2022) found themselves at home bored during quarantine, they were desperate looking for possible ways to productively spend their time. One of their main commitments, soccer, had been halted mid season due to the pandemic, leaving both of them with loads of free time. Another one of their hobbies, however, included their interest in cars; the  brothers spent many nights studying the different types of cars and their mechanics, making them experts over the course of a few years.

Maximillian stated that one summer day, he was just relaxing and brainstorming ideas on how to make the most of the summer before he would move off to college. He eventually came up with an idea that incorporates his passion for cars and his future major, business. Alexander and Max knew their dad had always hated the fact that in order to buy a car, he had to waste his entire day negotiating and doing paperwork, often spending six or seven 6-7 hours at the dealership. That experience pushed them to think of a way that would expedite the car buying process. This was the beginning of Carsdonesimple.

Coming up with the idea was easy according to Alexander, stating that the actual work began when it was time to jumpstart the actual business. The brothers soon realized they couldn’t do it themselves, so they reached out to two other like-minded Heritage students, Manuel (class of 2022) and Felipe Posada (class of 2020). From this point, the group had to create a formal business plan, a website, and get their first customer in the same summer. Manuel said the first phase of a business is always the hardest, explaining that before getting a customer, the company had to be dedicated to working on the project consistently without visible results.

The business plan required specific goals for the company by certain deadlines, so they could know how much sponsored or self-invested money to allot to different resources at different times. The website on the other hand, required technological knowledge, as they had to craft it in a way that was both appealing and informative to the consumer.     

After about a month of developing both the business plan and website, Carsdonesimple was officially founded June 7, 2020. Carsdonesimple is now a car concierge company that handles dealership negotiations and paperwork for customers who want to purchase a car without having to experience the hassle. The company has even earned their first satisfied customer within a month of opening, which the brothers have credited to their commitment and passion for cars.

As far as future plans go, Manuel said their immediate goals just include fiercer advertising tactics for the remainder of 2020 to get the company’s name out into the public eye.

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