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The best Brit bands

From The Beatles to Coldplay, Great Britain is home to some of the best musical groups in history. Here are a few bands from across the pond that are worth a listen. Keep Reading


EDM remixes to check out

The era of EDM is upon us. Instead of hiding behind acoustic covers and clutching to “real vocals,” give this increasingly popular kind of music a shot. Here are some great remixes to help ease any reluctant listener onto the House bandwagon. The Diplo and Grandtheft Remix of Calvin Harris’ “Summer” – If you liked the upbeat tempo of the original, then you’ll love this remix. This remix is basically the same song but on steroids, faster than the original.… Keep Reading


Halloween Horror Nights 2014: Fear will eat you alive

From mask-wearing serial killers to street-walking voodoo priestesses, Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights offers an abundance of fearful frights for all ages. This 24th year of terror is enough to strike fear into the heart of any horror enthusiast. I’ll admit, after the less-than-spooky events of Halloween Horror Nights 22 and 23, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sheer terror offered by both the scare houses and zones. Gone are the days of scarer-less street props and haggard… Keep Reading

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