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Three quali-tea beverages that get you through the day

Standing at the front of the line staring at rows and rows of drinks can be stressful. After a year of online school, this was my first time at the Heritage campus, and by the end of the first semester, I was just as unsure as I was at the start. And after trying most of the drinks offered on campus, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found them. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam) Keep Reading


Dr. Couper shares her experiences as “a plant-based teacher”

Whether it may be sponsoring three clubs on campus, switching to a plant-based diet or never wearing any clothing made with real animal fur, there is no doubt that Dr. Couper, who teaches Honors Chemistry, profoundly cares about the planet. She tries to help the environment as much as she can, both inside and outside school. Dr. Couper has adopted a healthy lifestyle both for herself and the planet. (Photo/Dr. Couper) Keep Reading


Madison Rocker rocks her Girl Scouts project

Senior Madison Rocker can add another achievement to her senior year beyond a cap and gown: becoming the top seller in the Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida with 8,030 boxes sold and 3,821 donated. With these numbers, she set the highest records in her council’s history for general cookie sales and boxes donated. (Photo/Madison Rocker) Keep Reading


History books forgot their names, but their legacy lives on

As children, we were always taught about specific distinguished scientists and their works: Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out and his theory of relativity and Issac Newton with a bump on his head from an apple that “bonked” off his head and his discovery of physics. As iconic as these scientists may be, their images often take up the stage and make the stories and discoveries of other scientists mere shadows. (Photo/Flickr) Keep Reading

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