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Literary Magazine releases “Expressions”

The Literary Magazine, “Expressions,” took on a new platform this year, as staff adjusted to changes due to COVID-19. Opting for a website as opposed to the usual magazine structure, this year's theme was (dis)connected, with photographs and captions evoking the virtual, isolated spirit of quarantine. Keep Reading


Dr. Seuss cancelled

While his stories are celebrated by parents and children alike for tackling issues ranging from environmentalism to the dangers of greed, some have not stood the test of time. Six of his books, including his debut novel, will no longer be published by Dr. Seuss Enterprises due to racist imagery and statements. Keep Reading


Newsmagazine releases third issue

With a new year came a new issue of “The Patriot Post.” Featuring the ignorance plaguing the country and ways to remedy it as the cover story, the newsmagazine covers topics ranging from cultural appropriation to Black History Month. Keep Reading

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