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Let Teens Be Terrifying

For teenagers who choose to don terrifying costumes and hit the streets in a quest for candy, reluctant parents can ruin the fun with unjustified negativity. When did students in high school trick-or-treating become a controversial topic? Keep Reading


Campaigning ruins superlatives

With the release of superlative voting last week, the senior class faced numerous questions such as “who is most likely to be president?” and “who are the most memorable best friends?” Keep Reading


The juniors’ rise from madness

It’s that time of the year when juniors in the Ray Dass National Merit Prep Class are seeing the light at the end of the the tunnel. Juniors such as myself are rapidly approaching the end of what has been a five month descent into madness. Filled with late nights at school, all-nighters and full on emotional breakdowns, it probably would not be that far off to say it has been a turbulent period. However, as we enter our last… Keep Reading

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