Chess club hosts charity chess tournament

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After Florida was hit by two hurricanes back to back, the chess club was itching for a way to help.

They decided to organize a charity event in partnership with the Student-Led Chess Association. In order to enter the event, competitors paid a $15 donation fee. The tournament, which lasted for six hours, gathered chess players of all ages ranging from elementary school novices to aged masters to play their favorite game. In total, the event raised $800 towards hurricane relief. 



  1. Achyuth Madhu
  2. Mikhail Trushin-Jimenez
  3. Nicholas Pagano
  4. Francesco Pagano
  5. Benjamin Jin Wu


  1. Hemanyu Matcha
  2. Viraj Epuri
  3. Utkarsh Yellamilli
  4. Maximilian Bergler
  5. Olivia Asselta


  1. Kamilla Alasgarova
  2. German Alasgarov
  3. Bryan Porter 
  4. Jake Rogers 
  5. Luke Wong

Open (any grade/age):

  1. Marvin Gao
  2. Raghav Venkat
  3. Nicholas Alejandro
  4. Aniket Shukla, freshman at American Heritage
  5. Alice Wu

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