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Some people wonder what a board game or a fantasy sport such as Quidditch from Harry Potter would be like if it came to life. Many colleges around the country took that into consideration and made it possible to play more untraditional sports. If playing an unusual sport interests you, then keep the following colleges into consideration when making your decision.


If fishing is something that interests you, five universities, including the University of Louisiana Monroe, University of North Alabama, Tennessee Tech, Clemson College and the University of Alabama Birmingham not only offer fishing as an intramural sport but also award scholarships to students interested in showing off their skills. The schools competing have a fishing schedule with upcoming events and a list of nationally ranked teams.

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A popular sport among the Ivies and about fifty other universities, squash is a sport that  compares to racquetball. In the game, two players use rackets to hit a small rubber ball at each other in an attempt to make the opposing team miss it. Squash has become more popular throughout the past decades as it is now an offered sport around the country. There is even a College Squash Association to list events and rankings of schools. Squash is scored by points, the best rating being a six.

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Students take it to the courts at the Squash Men’s College Nationals. (Photo/Hartford Courant)


Quidditch, a fantasy sport originating from Harry Potter but now played throughout the country, includes team players who ride around on broomsticks and score goals while ducking dodgeballs the opposite team throws at them. The sport first started in 2005 at Middlebury, Vermont and gained popularity. Game players say the sport includes lots of strategy and tackling. Quidditch even gained popularity at American Heritage when the Harry Potter Alumni held a match at the school a few years ago.

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A student tries to tackle another from making a score in the hoop. (Photo/


Have you ever wondered what the board game “Battleship” would be like if it came to life? In an attempt to bring the classic board game to life, team members sit in canoes and use buckets filled with water to try and sink the other team. The sport has become a very new addition to many colleges, including FSU and Brandeis. The sport is more dangerous than it seems though, since people aggressively bash into each other in an attempt to sink their canoes and colleges that offer it also provide a disclaimer that insurance doesn’t cover injuries from intramural sports.

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Students from the FSU battleship team dunk individuals and capsize canoes by pouring water into the opposing team’s canoe. (Photo/FSU Campus Recreation)

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