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The rumors circulating around campus are true: school officials are considering implementing a ban on shorts, and girls are to blame. As ladies who have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious institution, we must exhibit a certain degree of professionalism. A degree that simply cannot be preserved so long as some of us continue to roam the halls with their size six figure stuffed into size four shorts. In the upcoming days, administration will finalize their decision on whether or not to implement a ban on school shorts. It is up to us to dissuade them from making this proposed solution into a reality.

We are all aware that school-regulation khakis aren’t the cutest things to hit the market, but hemming these shorts to an inappropriately short length, or wearing ones that obviously constrain breathing, isn’t cute either. According to the Student Handbook, “Uniforms are not to be altered, stretched, cut, or slit … Sizing must be appropriate to individual figure, not to individual taste.” Dress code violations such as the rolling and hemming of shorts can be penalized with up to 10 conduct points, but that doesn’t stop the majority of the female student body from committing these violations anyway. Because so many of us choose to roll or hem our shorts, the only way school officials can effectively combat this issue is to ban school shorts all together. I don’t blame school faculty for considering this ban, but I don’t want to see it implemented either.

Summer and scorchingly high temperatures are fast approaching. I personally don’t want to walk across campus in 90 degree weather while wearing hot, baggy pants. Ladies, don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be. Wear shorts that fit you, and don’t hem or roll them.

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