Heritage art students win big at Art Search

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Reflecting the theme, “Time Travel Through Art,” 14 of Heritage’s junior high fine arts students’ works won City of Plantation’s 2022 Art Search program. Any students in grades K through 12th were able to participate and all mediums except 3-D were allowed to be used.  

Mrs. Susan Price, who teaches fine arts classes including Architecture and Drawing I, had 8 students who won. “The work that my students produced completely depicted the theme and took [the theme] above and beyond,” she said. 

Although Mrs. Price loves all of the art works, a particular one caught her eye. “I really liked 7th grader Ella Corrado’s drawing, especially because she decided to add artwork from art history,” she said. Corado’s drawing included famous art pieces from the past such as the Mona Lisa and the Lace maker. 

Sophomore Daniella Guenni, who was one of the two winners from Mrs. Price’s Drawing I class, won 3rd place in the 10th grade category. 

“When I thought about the theme, ‘Time Travel Through Art,’ the first thing that came to my mind was the different art styles as time went on,” she said. “I wanted to blend in different art works that were popular throughout different time periods.”

Along with Guenni, freshman Alina Sukhovskaya also won 3rd place in the 9th grade category.

The winners included the students: seventh graders Vera Danzig, Camila Galindo and Ella Corrado, eighth graders Kyra Movva, Emanuel Sasson and Sofia Barrera, freshmen Adam Saleh and Alina Sukhovskaya, sophomores Calista Buitrago, Cleo Cruz Nogueria and Daniella Guenni, juniors Kaashvi Bothra and Sydney Herzbrun and senior Teresa Soto.

The 2022 Art Search Awards Ceremony will take place Thursday, Dec. 8 at the Volunteer Park Community Center. During the awards ceremony, the students’ artworks will be presented to the public.

The art works of junior high students which will be displayed at the Art Search Awards Ceremony. For a full presentation, click here.

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