Heritage’s 3rd annual Butterfly Project Ceremony spreads its wings

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Sofia Guitian was honored for her drawing, “Genocide: a tragedy of the past and present,” pictured above. “People don’t do anything until it affects them, this is one of the reasons why genocides still happen today,” she wrote. “The family sitting on the couch watching the ‘news’ represents the entire world; how in most of the genocides, people are aware of the situation but they’re not willing to do anything to help those who are unfairly suffering.” (Photo/Ella Gohari).

The Butterfly Project seeks to spread awareness about genocide, specifically the Holocaust, to ensure nothing similar ever happens again. All freshmen create a project in their English classes about genocide awareness, genocide prevention, Holocaust rememberance or a combination of the three. These projects take many forms, ranging from art to poetry to interpretive dance.

The Butterfly Project Ceremony honors exemplary projects capturing the spirit of the assignment. After starting with some words from the officers and club sponsor Mrs. Marisa Behar, honorable mentions and winners were announced.

Some students who were honored for especially noteworthy projects are:

  • Marcus Gonzalez, for his poem.
  • Rachel Kludy, for her poem.
  • Amanda Lopez, for her personal narrative.
  • Sofia Guitian, for her drawing.
  • Mandy Lanier, for her performance.
  • Irene John, for her poem.
  • Nicole Sanchez, for her performance.
  • Isabel Walchil, for her song.
  • Barbara Bomfirm, for her painting.
  • Kennedy Hack-Juman, for her letter.
  • Aaron Zhang, for his essay.
  • Aaron Frawley, for his presentation.

Dr. Rob Seifer, a professor at Nova Southeastern University, spoke about genocides happening in other parts of the world, such as Cambodia. The ceremony concluded with a Q&A with Dr. Seifer and a last push to spread awareness about genocide.

The Butterfly Project’s website, which features an archive of all the winners, will be up soon.

As a sophomore, Ella Gohari is entering her second year on the Patriot Post staff as the co-Editor-in-Chief for the print newsmagazine. A lover of words, Ella spends much of her time writing, whether it be an article, poem, short story or science research paper. She often writes while listening (and singing her heart out) to music, and is particularly fond of rock bands like Metallica, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Her ultimate favorite; however, is Queen. Juggling many interests at once, she has been a science researcher with Mrs. Joykutty since 6th grade, and is now a part of the Sigma Xi Science Society. On the weekends, she volunteers with Village Book Builders and OTTER to teach underprivileged children in Florida and around the world. She is excited to co-lead the newsmagazine and can’t wait to see where the year goes.

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