Jaeden Kinlock: Heading to Harvard

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Junior Jaeden Kinlock wins first in his individual weight class. (Photo submitted/Jaeden Kinlock)

This article is by guest writer Sara Ikpatt.

After ten years of playing football and three years of wrestling, junior Jaeden Kinlock’s hard work paid off. He received six Ivy League offers and was named All-County Linebacker his first year as starting linebacker, and MaxPreps Athlete of the Year for Wrestling.

Kinlock started playing football at 7 years old when his parents decided to sign him up for football while his sister had cheer practice at the same park; he  fell in love with the sport and hasn’t stopped playing since. Despite originally not getting much playing time at the beginning of his high school career because he wasn’t one of the bigger players, Kinlock made it a point to impress the first time he got on the field. 

During the high school off-season, wrestling proved to be a good way to stay in shape.“I got into wrestling freshman year because my coaches recommended that everybody play a sport in the offseason and it was either that or track and field. I chose wrestling and just took off with that as well,” Kinlock said.

With all of the offers and recognition he received in his first year of being a starting linebacker, Kinlock said it feels great to be reaping the benefits after working in silence for three years. After going on college visits and narrowing his choices to Harvard University, Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania, Kinlock committed to Harvard because he loves Boston and feels Harvard is the best fit for him because of their top economics program. 

“Honestly it’s always been a dream of mine to make the NFL but I know the numbers behind that are few and far between. So if that doesn’t work out, I’m always going to have an education to fall back on and with a degree like that, there are so many opportunities that come with it,” Kinlock said.

Committing to Harvard has aligned Kinlock with his ultimate goal of starting a business. “Right now I was thinking about opening a gym or something, like a training facility, and maybe a treatment facility as well. Like joining the two, somehow that’s what I was thinking. Like athletes can go there, train and get treatment and do whatever else they need. That was just an idea that I had and something I enjoy.”

With his senior year still ahead of him, Kinlock plans to have fun and win a state championship. “I have nothing to lose at this point and I have everything to gain. I’m just gonna go up there and make a name for myself.”