Magic at MCCC

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Thousands of people, ranging from super fans to casuals, flooded the Miami Airport Convention Center for the 2016 Magic City Comic Con.

Magic City is the second largest convention in south Florida and this year the staff went all out. Recruiting stars including Jenna Coleman, Barry Bostwick, David Prowse and Bill Nye, the convention promised to be fun for all its attendees.

For the average con goer, he/she may spend the day wandering through the rows of vendors and going to the many Q&As scheduled throughout the day. Many people also cosplayed their favorite characters, with the most common being Deadpool and Kylo Ren.

Heritage students attended Magic City Comic Con, including senior Natasha De La Cruz. “My friends forced me to go to my first con and I fell in love,” she said. De La Cruz attended the convention as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts.

Whether attending to see your favorite actors or just to hang out with people who share your interests, Magic City Comic Con provided both of those to its patrons.

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