Miami Herald names Emily Legette Softball Player of the Year

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Miami Herald names junior Emily Legette 4A-2A star player of the year. (Photo/Emily Legette)

Upcoming junior Emily Legette had an impressive last season when rewarded with the Miami Herald’s title of Star Softball Player. Legette officially joined the state’s top hitters and has not struck out once despite playing against multiple strong pitchers this past season. 

Legette received her title due to her striking statistics. Through her hard work, Legette maintains .608 batting average and 23 RBI’s. Exceptional on the field and the plate, Legette will play a substantial role in Heritage’s team as it chases its ninth state title. Legette leads Heritage’s team against some of the best teams in the state with 13 walks, seven home runs and 11 doubles. 

Legette played for the USA Softball Olympic Junior Cup (JO Cup) in Georgia last week. The JO Cup was hosted in Columbus, Georgia June 19-25 and included 96 teams across its 14-under, 16-under and 18-under divisions. 

Legette attributes her averages and statistics to her work ethic “Hard work pays off!” on Twitter as she showcases her win as star softball player.

Expect more achievements from Legette as the junior is just beginning her career in softball. The Sun Sentinel has declared her a player to watch.

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