Newsmagazine releases third issue

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“Our shape motifs were organic shapes and bars to show the immediate contrast between facts and gray area,” Ramirez said. “This also showed up in our color scheme, with a focus on gray tint in our mainly purple scheme.” (Photo/Bella Ramirez)

With a new year came a new issue of “The Patriot Post.” Featuring the ignorance plaguing the country and ways to remedy it as the cover story, the newsmagazine covers topics ranging from cultural appropriation to Black History Month.

“This issue took a lot of extra time because of how large the topic of ignorance is. Even the word itself has a negative connotation that needs to get explained. Still, we felt it was our responsibility to take it on,” Print Editor-in-Chief senior Bella Ramirez said. 

The staff first started brainstorming ideas after the Capital riots, prompting many ideas regarding misinformation and hatred. Ultimately, the staff decided on “Fifty Shades of Ignorance.”

“For a moment we almost went entirely with the misinformation route because of how topical it was. Ignorance ended up being our top pick though because we wanted to cover not only being misinformed but not having any information at all,” Ramirez said.  To read the latest edition, check out the Print Archive or Issuu.

As a senior, Kayla Rubenstein spends her fourth (and heartbreakingly final) year on staff as Online Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager and Social Media Correspondent. Wanting to make the most of her senior year, Kayla serves as the President of Quill and Scroll, Historian of Rho Kappa and Co-Historian of NHS, while also actively participating in EHS and SNHS. Outside of school, Kayla contributes to Mensa’s publications and volunteers with different organizations within her community. An avid reader, Kayla can often be found with her nose in a book when not working on an article for The Patriot Post or developing a project for iPatriot Post.