Obscura: Audrey Mika

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With over 880,00 followers on TikTok, Mika has used her platform to announce her new single “Y U Gotta B Like That” this year. (Photo/YouTube)

Known for her YouTube music covers, singing personality Audrey Mika has taken over the YouTube music community. With over a million subscribers on YouTube and 400,000 followers on Instagram, Mika is no stranger to popularity.

Having started her channel in August of 2015, Mika hasn’t always focused so heavily on music. In fact, some of her first videos included footage of her practicing ballet, giving makeup tutorials and even cooking. However, as fans grew more aware of her vocal talent, she began to make more music videos geared towards her fans’ requests.

Within both the YouTube and music communities, Mika has found her place to express her take on well-known songs, crafting her own style in the process. In an interview with Earmilk, Mika expressed how lucky she was to have gone viral on YouTube.

“I started posting for fun but I gained my main following by posting more consistently throughout the year. I can’t believe, to this day that there are so many people watching me and enjoying my music,” she said.

Recently, Mika has started to broaden her musical horizons beyond just the YouTube covers. This year alone, Mika has released four singles and two EP’s, showing her passion for her music beyond the pre-filmed videos.

When asked about exploring her style and furthering her music through collaborations, Mika expressed how important it is to have others around you to go through these experiences with.

“The industry can be scary, and knowing  you’re not alone by connecting with other artists who love music the same way you do is a really nice feeling,” Mika said.

Although finding a place in the music industry can be challenging, Mika has found a place for her to express herself with the help of not only the people around her, but also her fans. Check out Audrey Mika’s newest music on Spotify or Apple Music.

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