Post-PSAT Q&As

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After days of studying and nights filled with anxiety, the PSAT is finally over. 

Bright and early, students gathered at 8:30 a.m. for a stressful two hours and forty-five minutes this past Wednesday. Here are just a few of their responses to the aftermath of the PSAT:

Q: Generally, how are you feeling about the test?

“I think I did great,” said junior Shrika Kantipudi. “I think I made some silly mistakes, but overall I’m feeling confident.”

Junior Akansha Mehta disagreed, stating that it was “terrible,” and she thought she got  “at least ten wrong across the sections.”

Q: What section do you think was your strongest?

“Math without a calculator,” said sophomore Samuil Petrov, “because the math competition class has taught me how to do simple algebraic calculations quickly in my head.”

“Reading, most likely,” said junior Josh Turner. “During the reading section, I was just thinking about drinking my energy drink which I was really excited for, so it gave me motivation to finish.”

Q: What are you going to do now that it’s over with?

“I’m going to start grinding for the AMC 10 (an upcoming math competition event)” said sophomore Akshay Kumar.

“I’m going to continue focusing on my clubs and hopefully spend some more time practicing for the PSAT next year,” said freshman Anneliese Hsiao. 

Q: What score do you think you got?

Sophomore Calvin Matthew is confident he got a 1520, while junior Amara Okpala is hoping for “above a 1400.” 

There you have it, folks. One of the most anticipated tests of the year is finally behind us. National Merit students can finally say “Goodbye” to their Google Classroom and say “Hello” to the impending doom of Dec. 5—the day scores come out.

Although there were many mixed reactions to this year’s PSAT, everyone can agree they’re glad it’s over. (Photo/Lauren Wong)

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