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Here is a look at the new construction to look forward to in the 2021-22 school year:

In the 2000 Building, where the athletic offices used to be, the first floor rooms are being converted into accounting offices. In the back of the building of the first floor, a new nurses’ clinic is being constructed, which will be equipped with a refrigerator, multiple beds and a quarantine room for potential COVID-19 cases. The nurses will have their own office, making this new clinic much bigger than the old one. (Photos/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

In the 3000 Building, the theater, some of the classrooms will be converted to adjust to the needs of the new school year. Many of the changes in this hallway were changed last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, and as the school anticipates possible looser regulations, the building format will be changed once again according to Mrs. Blum. A wall is being torn down between two of the classrooms to put in a removable divider. Thus, these classes can remain separate during the day and together after school for math competition classes. A new mock trial room is being constructed as well in the 3000. (Photos/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

The 6000s will continue to house the admissions office, with many improvements within the building as it will expand into the space left by the business offices. The entrance room is a waiting room for parents on their way to the admissions office and waiting for a tour. Separate rooms will be converted for admission officers as well as the office of Mr. Laurie. Along the hallway, the walls will be adorned with photos of competitive colleges alumni have attended, alumni stories and a timeline of the school. A segment of the wall will have a tv with a simulation that shows the theater building. The administrators are shifting around and choosing different spaces. The flow of the building will allow parents to enter the administration office and view art.  Student art, including sculptures, ceramics and paintings, will be taken from the art rooms in the 2000 to be displayed in the offices. (Photos/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

The old 7000 gym is currently being converted into a student center, allowing students to interact with one another after school in an enclosed space. Instead of the quiet library or noisy quad, students can now go into the student center where they can work on group projects and interact after a long school day. To help with acoustics to reduce sound levels of the room, foam was placed to soundproof the ceilings above the light circles which are used to illuminate the center. Food will continue to be sold here, and tables will be placed so students have places to sit. Projectors will be set up to inform students of meetings and show accolades.  (Video/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

Students who did not attend school on campus this past year have not had a chance to see the “old” new construction, the 2500 Building:

The 2500 building is complete with a gym on the first story, showcasing custom bleachers featuring the initials “AHS” and a jumbotron showing the scores and highlights of the game.  The second floor contains a large weightroom, with state-of-the-art gym machines. Next year, administration plans on allowing students to recreationally use the weight room with signed waivers based on the state of school COVID-19 restrictions. A small room contains a table and a TV, where coaches and players can watch game tape. The football jerseys, helmets and shoulder pads are held in a small storage room next to the locker rooms where the players have individualized sections with stands for their shoulder pads. On the roof of the 2500, there are 4 full-sized basketball courts. (Photos/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

The arrows on the sidewalks will be removed, allowing students to walk whichever way, except for the staircase where the arrows will remain. The tables will no longer be limited to a few students, with the stickers that stated “sit here” already removed. (Photos/Eva Pierre-Antoine)

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