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Students’ anticipations regarding the Student Government Association (SGA) election results for the 2021-2022 school year turned into celebration as the votes were tallied and the winners were announced April 30. Lia Sukornyk, rising senior, won her class’s vote in a tight race, while Mudit Marwaha, rising junior, and Melissa Bermudez, rising sophomore, earned their titles by a landslide. With the winners’ new positions as Student Government class presidents, Bermudez, Marwaha and Sukornyk can create new policies that they feel will benefit their student body as a whole.

Marwaha incorporates humor and a catchy slogan into his campaign  to connect with  fellow classmates. (Photo/Mudit Marwaha)

Mudit Marwaha won over 50% of the upcoming juniors’ votes,  ultimately using his humorous charm and ambitious personality to do so. “I think because I was re-running this year, it definitely gave me an advantage because I know the people, I know what is best for my class, and I have the prior knowledge that is suitable for the job,” Marwaha said. “Because of how different this year was, communication was really difficult, but I’m very grateful for this opportunity again and I have a lot of big plans for next year- so rising juniors, be ready!” Mudit plans on incorporating a plethora of social events and fundraisers next year, as well as ensuring his student body is heard and their ideas are reflective of his outcomes.

Posters were hung across campus debuting President Melissa Bermudez’s photo and slogan, “Restore the Soul of the Patriot.” (Photo/Melissa Bermudez)

When it comes to releasing everyone’s inner social butterfly, rising sophomore Melissa Bermudez is the one to beat. Winning almost half of the freshman votes, Bermudez swept the competition with an optimistic attitude and go-getter personality. “Socially, this year was not great, especially for the new kids who didn’t have many opportunities to make new friends,” Bermudez said. “I’m going to be planning a bunch of different events and trips for the sophomores, so that we get a chance to show a little more school spirit and build a stronger bond.” Melissa’s goals include elevating everything socially for rising sophomores, as well as “restoring the soul of the patriot,” her campaign motto reminding students to show their school spirit while wearing it loud and proud. 

Lia believes in matching the face to the name, so she created a campaign poster that would allow students to remember who she was when voting came around. (Photo/Lia Sukornyk)

Rising senior class president Lia Sukornyk fought for her spot in an extremely tight race, but she pulled off a win and is eager to get started. “I just want to thank everyone so much for choosing me as your class president,” Sukornyk said excitedly. “This senior year is going to be like no other, and I will make sure that even though things aren’t exactly completely back to normal, all the events that seniors weren’t able to do— like the Powderpuff Games and Homecoming— will happen.” Lia feels that in order to have a successful senior year, all of the fun events of  senior year have to be better than ever in order to keep spirits up. She, additionally, is making it her number one priority to make sure her classmates’ voices are heard in SGA so that next year mirrors everyone’s ideal last hoorah.

SGA’s new class presidents have already begun the planning phase and are ready to make the 2021-2022 school year an unforgettable one. With the results finalized and the month coming to an end, this school year will wrap up with these new future leaders creating great plans, and with that, many exciting new events to look forward to.

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