Sora Teramoto explains the motives and inspirations behind her dancing

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Sophomore Sora Teramoto learned how to dance when she was just two years old to calm the unease she felt from being apart from others. She has now been dancing for fourteen years and is on a fine arts scholarship for dance at Heritage. Teramoto has placed in the top three in competitions such as the Miami International Ballet Competition and the Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition. She was invited to visit dance workshops in Hong Kong and was selected to become an assistant for an Intrigue Dance Convention, a place where dancers get together to share and teach choregraphies. 

Teramoto’s inspirations for her dances can range from the day’s weather to the dancers she watches at her competitions. “Seeing the brilliance in the world tends to stimulate me in whatever I’m doing,” Teramoto said.

“If I am ever out of inspiration, I might leave a section of the choreography open and move on to a part I am more motivated to do,” she said. “I’ll return to that part the next day or whenever I feel mentally and physically ready.”

Teramoto performs a variation from Diana and Actaeon, a pas de deux, ballet performed by two people, from Ballet La Esmeralda, at Miami International Ballet Competition. (Photo/Sora Teramoto)
Teramoto choreographed  a dance at her studio titled “Bye,” and performed it at the  Intrigue Dance Convention. (Photo/Sora Teramoto)
Teramoto’s favorite dances are “Shift,” a solo choreographed by Ms. Natalie Brum-Fraizer, a dance teacher at the studio she attends, Ballet Elite Dance Studio and “Baby Hotline,” a solo choreographed by herself. “‘Shift’ follows the journey of a person’s body and mind being taken over by a parasite,” Teramoto said. “On the other hand, my interpretation of ‘Baby Hotline’ observes the story of a woman who called the suicide hotline multiple times, only to be put on hold and found dead the following day.” (Photo/Sora Teramoto)

Teramoto enjoys listening and dancing to male singers such as David O’Dowda, Miracle Musical, Bo-en, Jack Stauber, Sivu, Elliot Moss and more. At her dance studio, choreographers have the chance to select their own music and teach their choreographies to those who want to learn it. 

“I plan on continuing to dance in the future, even if not professionally,” she said.“ I love both dancing and choreographing. I can’t see myself ever truly leaving and quitting dance forever. It is a big part of myself, and I don’t think I would be myself without it.” 

“I dance with the effort to be memorable or leave an impression on someone,” Teramoto said. She is currently preparing for her future competition, JUMP Dance in late September and early October.

Kayra Dayi will be entering her second year on the Patriot Post Staff as the Social Media Correspondent and entertainment editor. Kayra moved here from Turkey in 6th grade and loves to visit her home country during the summer. In her free time, Kayra adores reading. She also likes to paint, listen to indie pop/rock, crotchet and write. Kayra especially loves to highlight important issues happening around her in her artwork and writing. One example is her Instagram account, kaykays.artworks, where she sells her artworks to donate to BALEV, a non-profit organization in Turkey which helps fund students' educations. She is involved in Mock Trial, the AHS book club, NEHS and will be trying out for the American Heritage tennis team. She looks forward to this year.

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