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Stuck at home during the pandemic, students had lots of time on their hands to bury themselves in social media, stalk celebrities’ accounts and scroll on TikTok all day long. Freshman Kangana Modi took advantage of this extra time and created her own small business on Instagram. On her account, @art4u_km, Modi sells her paintings and sketches to donate to St. Jude’s and A Road For Cure (Photo/Kayra Dayi). 

She first got involved with St.Jude because of an old friend who had cancer. Through her, Modi connected with the hospital personally. 

Kangana spends around 30 to 40 hours on each of her artworks. “The time spent varies on the difficulty,” she said. “Paintings that involve skin tones are the most difficult ones.” For example, a painting she painted of her baby cousin took her half a year to finish. Kangana determines the prices of her art based on the time and effort she puts into them.

What Kangana decides to paint for the day depends on her mood. “If I am in the mood to paint something simple, I’ll go with nature” she said; “however, if I want to do something different and new, I’ll include difficult elements such as people.” 

Before starting her paintings and sketches, Kangana often likes to go online and look at photos for inspiration. Sometimes, an image of the picture she wants to paint pops into her head, and she follows that without any reference. 

Kangana’s top three artworks so far are “Lord of Ganesha,” “Cousin Arya,” and “Pluto the Pug”. She explained that “Lord of Ganesha” is in her top three because “It was my first painting working with skin tones and creating something that was symbolic to me and my Hindu religion. She chose “Cousin Arya” as her next one simply because of the joy she experienced as she painted someone from her family she values so much. Lastly, Kangana picked “Pluto the Pug” as her final favorite. “It introduced me to a new medium and surprised me in many ways since I did not know that working with colored pencils would make it easier to add details,” she said. “It also increased my skill level since I couldn’t erase any marks because I was using non erasable colored pencils that left a noticeable grey mark if I tried to erase it.” 

Lord of Ganesha 

Cousin Arya

Pluto the Pug 

From the paintings Kangana Modi has sold on her Instagram account so far, her painting, “Underwater Dessert,” will always be one of her favorites. “I painted “Underwater Dessert” because I wanted to challenge myself and try to paint something difficult,” she said. She is proud of all the paintings and sketches she has done and sold so far, as she puts a tremendous amount of effort and her passion into them (Photos/Kangana Modi).

Kayra Su Dayi came here from Turkey in 6th grade and will be in 9th grade next year. She loves painting the pictures of nature or animals which she takes with her camera when she finds something captivating or interesting. Aside from art, she plays tennis and competes in speech and debate. She prefers to give informative speeches, but is still in the process of exploring the broad range of speeches. She liked to volunteer at Flamingo Gardens before the pandemic every weekend. She is a member of NJHS and interested to join more clubs next year!

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