Students bring cultures together through the interclub recipe book, during a period of separation.

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This plant-based Gnocchi is one of the many plant-based options included in the Interclub Recipe Book. “We are so excited to release the cookbook. We hope to celebrate and embrace the many cultures in our Heritage community and simultaneously provide plant-based alternatives to promote environment conservation,” BETCHA president, board member of Tikkun Olam and FLOWCON, junior Julia Seifer said. (Photo/Interclub Recipe Book)

The Interclub Recipe Book serves to incorporate minor dietary changes into students’ diets that would benefit the planet through plant-based recipes that can be used as alternatives to meat. 

The idea to create this came from the first Butterfly Project Activism workshop. Junior Sari Homer, president of Florida Wildlife Conservation Club (FLOWCON), brought up her concern for animals and expressed her passion towards protecting them. In response, other students involved in the event began to brainstorm ideas on how to make a campus-wide impact, eventually coming up with the Interclub Cookbook.

“By having multicultural foods, there’s a huge variety of flavors and histories. Additionally, we could spread cultural awareness and greater tolerance. Food is powerful in that it’s a universal language and experience,” Director of the Butterfly Project senior Angelin Mathew said. 

The main sponsors of the cookbook include FLOWCON, Be the Change (BETCHA) and Tikkun Olam. FLOWCON raises awareness for endangered species and educates students about the various forms of wildlife. BETCHA focuses on helping the community through service projects. Tikkun Olam represents the Jewish population at Heritage and promotes the connection of Jewish culture. 

The book has been composed through Google slides; however, the directors of the cookbook hope to one day print physical copies of the book. Each book was $5 and the proceeds of $380 will be split between the South Florida Wildlife Center and the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) to further diversity and inclusion. At this time the sales are over for the book and those who purchased it received their copy during the last two days of April through email. 

“I hope that people are using quarantine as an opportunity to taste new foods and try out new recipes to share with their families. Changing your diet is one of the simplest ways to make a real difference and truly protect the planet,” Homer said. “That doesn’t have to mean eating tofu every night, but even something as simple as a switch from eating beef to chicken does help a lot.”

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