Students gear up for Engineering Fair

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From Dec. 5-7, students presented their projects at Heritage’s Engineering Fair. The top five students are given a place at the school science fair in the Engineering category and one is guaranteed a spot in the county science fair. 

Junior Lorenzo Pulmano:

Lorenzo Pulmano’s project centers around using microwaves to predict hurricane eyewall replacement cycles. In simpler terms, he used electromagnetic waves to predict hurricanes. He used a neural network – a type of computing system – to detect certain patterns that can signal specific types of storms. 

Senior John Diaz:

Senior John Diaz created a device that helps the visually impaired measure out the exact quantities they need when cooking, baking or performing any other activity that requires precise volume measurement. Although Diaz did have some errors during testing with the half-cup measurement, he is confident that this can be fixed with some tweaks in the coding.

Senior Alicia Ramirez:

As senior Alicia Ramirez states, one in 1,943 live births are born with a limb deficiency, meaning a total of four million children have this condition. Children grow rapidly as they age, and therefore must continue to buy larger prosthetic limbs which often do not fit properly. In order to address this problem, Ramirez created an expandable prosthetic using a telescoping aluminum tube and several screws for a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution. 

Senior Josh Sarkarati:

Senior Josh Sarkarati explains that a large contributor to the loss of clean water in the United States is due to sprinkler water. Thus, he designed a device that is able to detect moisture levels in soil that sends back information to a machine that will turn off sprinklers using a valve when the soil is saturated with water.

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