Students scramble during surprise code red

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Senior High lunch took an unexpected turn today when the Code Red Siren sounded at 1:05 p.m.  

Normally, these drills occur when most students are in class, but today, most senior high students were outside eating when the alarm first sounded, forcing them to evacuate to various places on campus.

Around the 3000 building, students crowded around the gravel area near the back of the Patriot Patio, leaving through the first set of emergency exits, but not the second which leads off campus. In the Student Center, students stayed inside with the lights off.

Some students viewed the drill as disruptive. “It’s definitely inconvenient to have the drill right now; I really needed this time to do my homework,” senior Alana Lodin said.  Other seniors who were off campus for lunch were confused to find the gates closed when they returned.

“I was surprised, since I thought it would happen later during class time,” said sophomore Sebastian Gomez. 

Teachers were also under the impression that the drill would be during a class period. “I was just as shocked as you guys. They don’t normally do drills during this time,” Mrs. Peña-Lopez, who was on lunch duty, said. 

The drill ended around 1:35 p.m. and lunch was extended until 2:00 p.m. for senior high students. Administration called it a successful drill.

Students gathered around and chatted with their friends during the drill. Many people finished their lunch standing up or crouching. Around 150 students waited for around a half hour for the drill to end while the alarm continually sounded. (Photo/Hannah Letzelter)

Hannah Letzelter is a senior who loves being a member of the Patriot Post. She enjoys reading classic novels, writing, acting in plays, singing opera and singing in the Acapella choir at school. As the president of the Diabuddies club, she loves educating the community about diabetes and fundraising for its research. Hannah looks forward to a great year.