The foolish history of April Fools’ Day

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Google found a way to read users’ minds through “MentalPlex” technology in 2000. In 1957, the BBC discovered that spaghetti really grows on trees. 

These statements may seem ludicrous now, but they are just two of the many high-profile “April Fools’ Day” pranks that have tricked thousands.

So, where does “April Fools’ Day” come from in the first place? 

As the tradition is so old, there is no exact date of origin to pinpoint.

However, historians speculate that the holiday dates back to 1582 when “France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called for by the Council of Trent.” In the Julian calendar, the new year began around April 1 and those who weren’t aware of the switch and celebrated New Years’ were made fun of on that day. 

Another similar day it could’ve stemmed from is “Hilaria,” a Roman festival that occurred around March 25. The festival consisted of games in which disguised common people mocked magistrates and nobility. 

In the modern day, April Fools’ has inspired many widespread crazy pranks. Thousands are fooled as newspapers and TV stations come together to pull elaborate pranks.

At Heritage, students and teachers have their own, although at a smaller scale, experiences with pranks.

“My friends scared me last April Fools’ by jumping out from behind a wall and screaming,” junior Saachi Prashar said.

Programming with a Purpose Honors teacher, Mr. Joshua Stern, decided to conduct a pop quiz testing the spelling of difficult German words stating that it would be 15% of students’ class grade in honor of April Fools’.

The cuckoo bird is a symbol for fools. In the 18th century, people were sent for “hunting the gowk (cuckoo bird)” or on a “fools’ errand” as a way to celebrate the holiday. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

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