The game is now afoot in Enola Holmes 2

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*Warning: spoilers ahead*

For me, it’s rare that the sequel is better than the original, but Enola Holmes 2 is a movie full of surprises. From its cheeky commentary to its truly impactful message, this movie was just an absolute pleasure to watch. 

The movie wastes no time kicking off in the middle of the action. Compared to the original, there is significantly less time spent explaining the plot, and more time spent unraveling it. The clues are much more intriguing and fun, while the blend of drama and comedy makes this movie pure comedic gold. There’s also a perfect blend of romance in the mix of the mystery, so for those of you rooting for Enola and Tewkesbury, played by Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge respectively,  you’re in for a treat. 

The plot is masterful, and the story line is genuinely inspiring and impactful. Not only did the movie expertly tie in themes of feminism with historical accuracy, the case of Sarah Champman actually intrigued me and, at some parts, even pulled at my heartstrings. The plot is much more developed and flows better compared to the first movie, while the historical relevance keeps viewers entranced. The twists and turns are genuinely entertaining, but the main plot twist at the end was a bit out there. I not only did not expect Miss Mira Troy to be behind the entire movie’s plot line, I couldn’t really see the full connection. It felt more like the directors were trying to inject some original Sherlock-lore to please original Sherlock Holmes fans.  

In addition to a masterful plot, the character development is quite fitting. Enola and Sherlock get some much needed development in their relationship, starting the movie as distant siblings, and ending it as close friends. The setting of Victorian-Era England also enhances the plot and gives the movie a homey, but escapist feeling.

In terms of improvement, there was a lack of diversity, mainly concerning villains. The main antagonists proved to be the stereotypical archetype of white men with traditional viewpoints, with little to no concerns for women’s rights. Also, the movie dragged at some points, making you really feel the 2-hour run time. Certain scenes, while enjoyable, were simply not needed.

But despite those critiques, this movie is truly a delight. Enola Holmes 2 was made for the daydreamers, the mystery-solvers, the quick-thinkers and the romantics. If you fall under any of those categories, or just want a great escapist movie to watch, visit Netflix and stream Enola Holmes 2. 

Watching Enola link different clues together really immersed viewers, including myself, as the pieces of the puzzle slowly came together (Photo/Emma Delgado)

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