Thespians practice to perform “The Theory of Relativity”

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To showcase their talents and creativity in the first musical of the school year, Heritage’s performers will be performing their adaptation of “The Theory of Relativity” Oct. 20 – 23.

The musical, “The Theory of Relativity,” will be held in the Black Box Theatre for 3 days at 7 p.m.. (Photo/Alyiece Morreto-Watkins)

    “With direction by Mr. Johnpaul Moccia, musical direction by Miss. Nina VanDerhoof and choreography by Mr. Ron Hutchins, ‘The Theory of Relativity’ is about the unknowing, yet undeniable connection we as humans possess,” Mrs. Alyiece Moretto-Watkins, a fine arts teacher, said. “The Theory of Relativity” explores the lives and feelings of a set of characters with interconnected lives. As the characters progress in the story through joys and heartbreaks, the characters learn about themselves and the inevitability of human connection.

    “The show begins discussing Newton’s Laws of Physics, each unfolding a truth about the energy of human existence. As the characters sing ‘I am nothing without you,’ we are reminded of both the insignificance and the infinite power of our presence on this earth; we are nothing without each other,” Mrs. Moretto-Watkins said. The show contains many meaningful concepts packaged into entertaining songs that build the theme.

    The actors have been working frequently to put the show together, practicing everyday after school until 6:15-6:30 p.m., on Saturdays and sometimes even during lunch. 

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing usual practice routines, the crew has adapted to a new routine this year. “Covid has changed many things about how we have approached live theatre. From the costumes we wear that must account for masks to the way we create the audience experience, we have adapted and always found a way to maintain a safe space for both our actors and audience,” Mrs. Moretto-Watkins said. Audiences in the Black Box Theatre will be socially distanced and required to wear masks. For the audience’s convenience, “There will be a paper program and a digital program for those who do not want to touch things,” Mr. Johnpaul Moccia said. The performers may even wear clear masks on stage to showcase their expressions while following safety protocols.

    Practicing safety through the pandemic, the performers plan to express their ingenuity and skills in the showing of “The Theory of Relativity.” “Music and lyrics by Neil Bartram and book by Brian Hill, these seasoned creators thoughtfully integrate…concepts into a heart warming song cycle of the loves, losses, and lives we share and inevitably embrace no matter who we are or where we come from,” Mrs. Moretto-Watkins said.

Mr. Johnpaul Moccia instructs the performers in the musical, “The Theory of Relativity,” during their weekly rehearsals. The musical showcases music and lyrics by Neil Bartram and is Heritage’s adaptation of Brian Hall’s book, “The Theory of Relativity.” (Photo/Alyiece Morreto-Watkins)
The stage crew sets up and fixes the lighting during rehearsals for “The Theory of Relativity.” The stage crew is an important part of the musical as they make sure everything is ready for the production backstage. The crew works along with the performers and instructors to put on a show. (Photo/Alyiece Morreto-Watkins)

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