TV shows should make comebacks to satisfy plot holes

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Per a poll conducted on the @ipatriotpost Instagram page, 48 percent of 25 participants voted that they like when TV shows make comebacks, while 52 percent voted they do not. (Photo/Nithisha Makesh)

It’s a desolate feeling when you finish the final episode of a TV show and realize you will never get to experience that show for the first time ever again. You can no longer wait for a new episode to come out, meet a new character or get surprised over a plot twist. 

If you are like me, you might obsess over that show for the rest of your life— or at least for the next few months— and read theories after theories about what will happen to the characters after that last scene. 

It is understandable that the writers might want to leave some details of the plot to the viewers’ imaginations; however, sometimes we just want to know exactly what happened and exactly what did not after that finale. 

For example, former “Teen Wolf” actor, Tyler Posey released Friday that the original TV show will come back as a movie renewal, due to feedback he received from fans. 

The final episode of “Teen Wolf” served as an ending and a beginning to the show. It introduced a new character who joins the pack of main characters,finishing off with the main characters walking towards their next obstacle. I did not appreciate that the writers of the show decided to add a new character at the absolute end and wondered whether the main characters would overcome their challenges or not. 

I am interested to see what angle the writers will take for “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and if it will involve the same characters from the original. 

When TV shows make comebacks and fill in the gaps they left behind in their story, it can help viewers be clear on exactly what happened and not leave them hanging on cliffhangers. 

It is also nice to see how a plot line progresses as more details get added, rather than coming up with theories on your own.

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