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Mrs. Smith started getting involved with photography at the age of fifteen, she even set up her own “homemade darkroom” and worked on processing pictures from her house. (Photo submitted by Mrs. Teresa Smith)

From the age of fifteen, photography teacher Mrs. Teresa Smith has had a passion for photography. “From that point on, it has been a constant hunger to take a photograph worthy of being on a sheet of paper,” Mrs. Smith said. 

Mrs. Smith grew up creating her own photography darkrooms wherever she could fit one. She recalls setting up her first in her parents’ laundry room.” I was very lucky that my parents supported my passion for photography. They bought me my first enlarger and all of the necessary equipment and supplies,” Mrs. Smith said. “I rigged up a workspace on top of the washer and dryer and used the remaining counter space for the chemical trays.”  

She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and began her career as a freelance photographer for a corporate magazine and as a studio portrait photographer. 

“If I was to be categorized as a type of photographer I would say a Pure or Straight Photographer. Basically, that is a school of photography that captures a moment with minimal or no editing in post,” she said.

After immersing herself in the art of photography, she wanted to share her love and knowledge of the art with students who hold the same passion for photography as she does. 

“Being an effective teacher has been a passion of mine since I was a young student,” she said. After graduating from college with her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, she returned to school to study education and became a certified teacher. 

“Even though I am still very passionate about my photography, I believe that teaching is the most creative thing I do,” Mrs. Smith said.

Her first teaching job was at a Visual and Performing Arts School for Talented Students in Miami. However, when her son was born, she resigned and later found a teaching job at Heritage in 2012. 

“I love teaching what I am passionate about and sharing what I have learned with my students. I love the open dialogue and am inspired by my students every day,” Mrs. Smith said.

Madison Lynn is a senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. This is her second year on staff and she is so excited for the many amazing things to come for this school year for the Patriot Post. Madison is also a member of TASSEL and Best Buddies club. She has a passion for photography and loves all type of music.

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