“Working” cast takes center stage on opening night

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The fine arts department is proud to present this year’s fall musical, “Working.” The cast of the show have rehearsed nearly every day after school since September. “I am honored to have a group of talented students to bring this story to life,” Johnpaul Moccia,  the show’s director, says. (Photo/American Heritage Fine Arts)

Directed by Mr. Johnpaul Moccia and choreographed by Mr. Ronald Hutchins, the fine arts department’s newest production, “Working: A Musical” took the stage for opening night Nov. 3. The cast, comprising of twenty senior high students, brought this concept musical to life with their vocal and theatrical talents. Their performance earned them a standing ovation at the end of their show.

Based on Studs Terkel’s novel of the same name, the musical interprets the stories of American citizens as they discuss their hopes, aspirations and current contributions to society. In our production of “Working,” each fine arts student portrays a character, or rather “worker,” as they share their thoughts and anecdotes through song. From exhausted housewife Kate Rushton to bubbly and passionate waitress Dolores Dante, the musical’s characters are based on real interviewees from the year 1974. 

“My favorite thing about ‘Working’ is that it gives insight into the lives of ordinary people, people we see and interact with on a daily basis. The fact that the musical is based on real interviews gives it an authentic quality that sets it apart from others written in that time,” Senior Ava Scott, a “Working” cast member said. “The entire cast is very tight-knit and comfortable with each other, which made the rehearsal process very fun, but will also likely improve our performance.”

“Working” is open until Nov. 5 in the Main Theatre. Students who have not yet received tickets but wish to attend may do so by bringing their IDs to the Box Office.

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