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August 2018


Summer photo story: teachers have lives too

“This summer was actually pretty interesting. Going to Washington, DC with NHD was kind of a working holiday, but it was out of town. We went to Japan this summer for just under three weeks. Then my son and I went to San Diego for Comic-Con. (He went; I visited family) and then to LA where we did touristy things. The last trip was to New Hampshire. Now that I’m home and summer is over, I feel it was much too… Keep Reading


There’s a 新老师 (new teacher) in town

China has a history over 5,000 years and it is currently undergoing major changes such as new market reforms. Ms. Hu’s goal for the year is to prepare all her students to eventually succeed in AP Chinese or however their future endeavors incorporate Chinese language and culture. Keep Reading


Student vacations: abodes and abroad

As we say goodbye to Summer 2018 and Heritage students head back to reality, either physically on a plane from far away countries or mentally from their relaxed summer states, it is nice to reflect on how various students chose to spend their vacations. Keep Reading

Life Flip or Flop Weekly: Live like a New Yorker

For two weeks, I lived in the fabulous, furious and overly polluted city of New York. I attended the School of the New York Times, and, while I learned the tools of journalistic trade, I also felt the need to live like a real New Yorker. The only downside? According to my summer camp’s safety seminar, I need to act rude to become a New Yorker. It was going to be a long week… Keep Reading

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