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The butterfly project hosts a night to remember

The Butterfly Project is an organization that helps integrate genocide awareness into the freshmen English class curriculum through a competition known as the Genocide Artwork and Writing Contest. This year’s first place and honorable mention winners were recognized at the … Keep Reading


Lights, camera, journalism

After nearly two years of the pandemic, the world is finally making an effort to return to normal. All eyes were on the Washington Hilton as journalists and media correspondents alike met Saturday, April 30 at the annual White House … Keep Reading

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Doors or wheels?

Are there more doors or wheels in the world? Fueled by just one tweet, this question would soon take the Internet by storm. (Photo/Jon Tyson via Unsplash) … Keep Reading


Are you really oppressed?

Up until recently, history was almost exclusively stories about men, written by and for men. So, it may be baffling to some men when the spotlight is not on them anymore – even for just a month. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) … Keep Reading

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Spring sports are now in season 

A new semester means a new season which means…new sports: time to leave winter sports behind and welcome spring sports. With nearly nine new sports available, it seems like it will be a competitive season and the perfect time to … Keep Reading

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What’s up with Jojo Siwa?

Even if you don’t know who Jojo Siwa is, you’ve probably seen her face somewhere, from dolls to bedding to backpacks to even underwear; even her car and toilet have her face plastered all over it. Siwa, someone known by … Keep Reading

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