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Notability changing how it charges

For individuals that already paid for Notability prior to November 1, 2021, previously available features like paper templates and unlimited note edits will still be accessible. However, they now have the option to purchase the premium plan that offers more … Keep Reading


Tips on how to stay safe as a woman

A startling study from the UN Entity for Gender Equality reports that nine out of ten women feel unsafe venturing into public spaces by themselves. While we cannot entirely rule out the possible dangers of an attack occurring, we can … Keep Reading


Haitians beaten at the border

From being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, to being battered by several earthquakes and hurricanes, to having its president assassinated, it is no question that Haiti is in need of significant economic, political and infrastructural development. However, Haitians … Keep Reading

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Zodi-fake signs

Zodiac signs, while once a silly way to correlate your birthday with arbitrary traits, have evolved into something far more serious. People of all ages, belief systems and genders are rapidly falling for this scam in droves, ignoring basic logic in … Keep Reading

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Core Fitness overview

For anyone looking for a class that involves working out, calming the mind and learning about topics like nutrition and fitness, look no further than Core Fitness. Core Fitness is a semester-long class that involves yoga, pilates, meditation, rest & … Keep Reading

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Work hard, think hard

Engaging in physical activity makes it easier for the brain to retain information by making original brain cells sharper and producing new cells, thus improving students’ academic performance. So, to prepare for that math test, students might benefit from running … Keep Reading

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Review of “Big Brother”

85 days, 16 houseguests, one house and one summer full of blindsiding and strategizing can only mean one thing - CBS’ “Big Brother.” Read Zoe’s review of the 23rd season. (Photo/Julie Chen Moonves from Instagram) … Keep Reading

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