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    (Photos submitted by Sara Soterakis)
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    During festivities or tournaments, the team brought snacks to boost morale. Bowling became both a mental sport and a social outing.
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    The girls varsity bowling team jumps for joy at one of their tournaments. Most tournaments were held at Sawgrass Lanes.

Bowling: “Behind the Strike”

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With the boys bowling team racking up three wins and one loss in the regular season, and the girls bowling team bringing in three wins and two losses, the team feels prepared for their upcoming district tournament Oct. 29. Before districts though, the team began reflecting on what brought them to the team originally.  

Junior Isaac Behar, a member of the bowling team for two years, chose bowling over other sports because he did not want to deal with defense from other teams. “I joined the bowling team for the college application but also to have fun and hopefully grow as [a bowler] too,” Behar said. Since then, bowling has evolved from a college application addition to an activity he looks forward to continuing in college.

Senior Janai Conklin also wants to continue bowling in college. She loves to “be the ball” and feels the bowling team made her a better athlete. “A lot of regular bowlers take [the game] very seriously, while  my softball teammate and I take it as a mental building moment,” Conklin said. Conklin joined two years ago to spend more time with her friends before going to college and now even plans to join a major bowling league when she grows older.

Beyond joining to have fun, some bowlers plan to “go pro” and continue bowling past their college years. Junior Sara Soterakis wants to bowl until the day she dies. “Eat. Sleep. Bowl…I joined the bowling team because I wanted to play another sport, have fun with my friends and show everyone who’s the bowling queen,” Soterakis said. While on her bowling throne, Soterakis enjoys the celebrations her team does after wins. “The moment that sticks out the most are the celebrations that my team does to make each other laugh. My celebrations usually include backflips or cartwheels,” Soterakis said.

Team captain senior Samuel Marx joined the team with fun in mind, but now thinks bowling defines him as a more unique individual. “My parents encouraged me to join the team, [and] my brother is also on the bowling team. I have made many friends through bowling,” Marx said. He describes bowling as a more mental than physical sport and plans to continue bowling in college and possibly continue to a professional career like Soterakis. “Anyone can be good at bowling, no matter your physical stature,” Marx said.

Marx planned on becoming team captain back when there were only two players on the team three years ago and tries to set an example to his fellow teammates. “I’ve gone from a captain of only two other players, not even meeting the team player requirement, to being the captain of a 6-man team that has a legitimate shot to do well at the district game coming up. Started at the bottom – now we’re here,” Marx said.

As for the district game, the Patriots will have to wait until Monday to see if they can secure their win. Still, the team has high hopes. “Of course I’m ready for the last game, I was born ready,” Soterakis said.

Bella Ramirez, 15, is a passionate journalist and Marvel fan. She enjoys writing for the newsmagazine, doing segments in WAHS and running her third publication, Pressing the Future. Ramirez has her head in the clouds and her heart in New York, fingers crossed she can last the next few years of high school in this Florida heat.

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