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Progressive Generation hosts assembly and activist panel

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Progressive Generation hosted an assembly to shine a light on racial issues in the United States. The assembly opened with the Patriot dancers performing a routine to a mix of songs about hope and peace. Once the dancers finished, Progressive Generation co-presidents juniors Nickoya Beckford and Victoria Chin welcomed everyone to the assembly and introduced a video about racism.

In the video, students of all races were asked a series of questions about their opinions on racism. The climax of the video occurred when the interviewers asked whether or not racism still exists.

After the video ended, a panel began made up of three college student activists: TruLe’sia, Rashaad Perry-Patterson and Raul Laureiro. Beckford and Chin asked some questions to the panelists about racism in an educational environment. The three agreed that a college environment is far more accepting than high school’s. “Once you get to college, you have the opportunity to meet more people of different cultures and interact on a level you normally can’t have in high school,” said Perry-Patterson.

After the pre-planned questions, Progressive Generation opened the floor to students’ questions. Responding to questions, they explained the “Black Lives Matters” movement’s goal to reclaim the professions where society discriminates against black people. They also discussed how the best way to become more culturally aware is to meet more people and talk about the issues at hand.

The Feb. 22 assembly celebrated Black History month, and recognized the hurdles people of color still have to overcome before we achieve an equal society.


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