Yummy Grill serving up freshness

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The new Yummy Grill was introduced in the beginning of the school year after Yummy in My Tummy received positive feedback from the school. For $6.50, students can buy a delicious, organic and all-natural meal which includes Pop Chips and bottled water. Lean beef burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers and grab and go salads are served everyday and are truly delicious. 

The employees at the Yummy Grill cook to order and use fresh produce as condiments. The Yummy Grill also offers daily specials everyday to provide variety. Specials include breakfast burgers, Mexican chicken sandwich melts and turkey po’ boys. The specials are also organic and all-natural. By offering daily specials, students who like the Yummy Grill but do not want a burger everyday are still able to purchase good quality food.

Besides serving delicious and fresh food every day, the employees at Yummy Grill care so much about student feedback that menus and polls are sent out weekly. The Yummy Grill frequently offers students samples of macaroni salad, black bean salsa and caesar salad outside along the canal.

The combination of Yummy Grill’s reasonably priced, flavorful and healthy food, and concern for the customers, makes it an ideal place to buy lunch. If you have not tried any of the Yummy Grill’s options, you are missing out on an exceptional meal.

With a reasonable price of $6.50, food from Yummy Grill is affordable and also delicious.
The new Yummy Grill offers students organic and all natural salads and sandwiches cooked fresh to order.

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