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Kristen Quesada has 60 articles published.

Kristen is a Cuban American senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot Post, President of Student Government and co-founder of the non-profit Friends for Fosters. Kristen loves keeping up with politics, watching Netflix, reading and sleeping in. She considers herself a nerd due to her massive video game and comic collection.

Democratic Socialism marks the potential ruin of our country

Bernie Sanders has become a household name, given his rise to prominence after his near Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election and current lead in the Democratic primaries. However, as Bernie has said multiple times, his campaign is a grassroots movement, propped up solely by individual contributors. Keep Reading


Politicizing Heritage

Politicizing the school’s name began in April 2018 when a student started the Instagram account @AHS_conservatives, posting conservative political memes to get their message across. Keep Reading


Library’s sign-in system signs out

Students may wonder why every time they step into the library, whether for two minutes or two hours, they are required to sign in. The simplest explanation is that this sign-in system works as a precautionary measure. Keep Reading


Nick Gonzalez: Making history

While students may recognize him as one of the giants roaming campus at 6-feet-5-inches tall with size 18 shoes, senior Nick Gonzalez spends most of his time appearing four feet tall – that is, when he’s sitting down model-making. Keep Reading


Sixth Pre-Professional program opens

After more than 20 years of offering computer science classes, Heritage unveiled the official track this year. Though still a work in progress, students now have the option to focus on computer science. Keep Reading

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