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Shreya Shanmugam

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Shreya is an incoming sophomore here at American Heritage. Apart from Newspaper, she participates in clubs and extracurriculars such as Key Club, Model UN, YIS, HOSA, PBS and AASA. She loves writing, listening to music, watching TV shows and editing videos. She has been dancing for almost all her life and has a love for business and computer science. She plans on channeling these interests into her future career and exploring them further throughout high school. When she am not reading or rewatching Netflix shows, she is riding her bike or swimming in the pool.

Three quali-tea beverages that get you through the day

Standing at the front of the line staring at rows and rows of drinks can be stressful. After a year of online school, this was my first time at the Heritage campus, and by the end of the first semester, I was just as unsure as I was at the start. And after trying most of the drinks offered on campus, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found them. (Photo/Shreya Shanmugam) Keep Reading


New year, new LTG

After joining Key Club six years ago, Junior Rosa Wu was selected as the new Key Club divisional Lieutenant Governor (LTG), becoming the second consecutive LTG from American Heritage, taking over for senior Shana Xia. (Photo/Rosa Wu) Keep Reading


Ten pop culture events that took 2021 by storm

Many Americans were hopeful as the ball dropped that the beginning of 2021 would bring the end of the pandemic. However, Covid-19 raged into the new year and coupled with the decrease in social interaction — the Internet craved entertainment. Thankfully, 2021 was not an entertainment let down, and it is home to various ever-iconic moments. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) Keep Reading

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