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Madison is a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. This is her first year on the newspaper staff and is so excited for the many amazing things coming this school year for the Patriot Post. Madison is also a part of TASSEL and the Best Buddies club. She has a passion for photography and loves all types of music.

School’s back, but first: must-watch movies and shows

During this past winter break a large number of movies and shows were released on television, streaming apps such as Netflix, and movie theaters. To save you some time since third quarter has started and our work will start piling on, I have compiled a list of the most “must watch” shows and movies that you may have missed this winter break or just haven’t had time to see. Keep Reading


Furry Friends help with Midterm stress

Between studying for math and re-reading passages for English, a lot of students could use a little time to unwind and relax. Although midterms are over, and winter break is already underway, the PAWS club for made sure to keep in mind that everyone needs a stress reliever once in a while. Keep Reading


Athletes: In School and Out

Our school has many student athletes who keep up with the fast-moving pace of school as well as their athletic careers; however, many of our student athletes train and practice extensively for their sport by participating in not only school sports teams, but also out-of-school sports teams. Keep Reading


AP Classes: Accelerated Pressure

Advanced Placement (AP) classes require extra time, focus, and effort, as they are college level courses. While they can be beneficial for students and their future college careers, they can also add a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure on already nervous high school students. Keep Reading

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