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Battle of the college majors

In a society heavily embedded with competition, students may find it difficult to focus on themselves and refrain from comparing grades, test scores and awards with those of their peers. This sense of validation through comparison extends beyond components of college applications to the future after students receive decisions. Keep Reading


5 reasons why Cyber Monday beats Black Friday

Following the day of giving thanks, the infamous Black Friday has evolved into a chaotic money mission rather than a day of deals. In recent years, technology has brought on the rise of Cyber Monday online with perks that put Black Friday to shame. The following list points out some of the many reasons for Cyber Monday’s superiority relative to my experience. Keep Reading


Creating crazed customers

Since its debut in August, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has stirred up quite the attention. After two weeks, the item quickly sold out, and the demand for the sandwiches led to violence. Keep Reading


Breaking the basic

Just when we thought it became safe to step out again in black leggings and oversized shirts, a new label arose. As millenials argued over who had a “hot girl summer,” Gen Z’ers took control of many social media platforms, creating a new persona: the VSCO girl. Keep Reading

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