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Skincare: Clean or Conventional?

With celebrity endorsed skin care and beauty ads popping up all over the internet, consumers feel compelled to buy these products as well. According to CNN, the global beauty industry valued just over $300 billion in 2018. Keep Reading


Tear down the idea of tearing yourself down

Self-deprecating jokes encompass a commonly-used form of humor: laughing at yourself. While it may be an adage you should be able to laugh at yourself before you laugh at anyone else, there is a line between finding comedy in your mistakes and blatantly tearing yourself down. Keep Reading


Why we should impeach the president…on Twitter

As this impeachment case progresses, it’s important to draw certain lines. Donald Trump’s Twitter account should not serve as an informal manner of accusations, specifically not during cases like these where biased opinions tend to overlap the facts. Keep Reading


Good News: A rarity but not extinct

Following the progression of hateful headlines in the world such as Donald Trump’s rallying cries of “build a wall” and “send her back,” it can be hard to believe that there are any good news movements. However, there are many sources of positive news to look forward to. Keep Reading

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