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Face-off: Is chivalry sexist?

In recent years, the appropriateness of chivalry in the social sphere has often been put into the spotlight. More than simply opening a door, the overall concept of chivalry leaves much room for debate. Our online editor-in-chief and opinion editor take opposing views and argue their respective sides. Keep Reading


Got Senioritis?

Second semester of senior year rolls around, and all you can think of is the mere four months you have left of high school. Laziness and procrastination kicks in, and you slowly start to care less and less about each night’s schoolwork and focus more on future plans. Grades slowly start to decrease, but the anxiety and panic that used to follow is nowhere to be found. Keep Reading


Bring back the laptops

I see the evidence I racked my brain for to show that laptops surpass iPads in terms of efficiency and staying on track. My proof: without thinking, I chose to bring my laptop across the country instead of my iPad, subconsciously knowing my MacBook Pro would best allow me to complete my work. Keep Reading

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