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POC: What it means to me

In a world of heightened racial tensions, a greater variety of terms and information denoting certain groups variety is emerging. As a term that serves to combine all minorities as one, is POC, people of color, an effective term? Keep Reading


Memes: How far is too far?

Memes dominate much of social media, with even meme accounts dedicated to create the next most popular meme. Yet, are these truly beneficial to society or do they just divert attention away from serious issues? Keep Reading


Why the SAT is inherently unfair

With the breakout of COVID-19 causing the cancellation of most standardized testing, many seniors sense a feeling of incompleteness for their college application. However, for others, the cancellation of these tests actually has made the college admission process the most fair it has been in our lifetime. Keep Reading


So you failed your fact or opinion quiz

With the prevalence in support for fear-mongering and misinformation super spreader Donald Trump, the fact or opinion real-world quiz has become a battle of fact “and” opinion rather than “or.” It started with his attack on the press. Keep Reading

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