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“We were shocked. We couldn’t believe we won even after we left,” Hoo said, recalling the moment he won Prom Royalty. (Photo/Cole Holifield)

This article was written by Sloane Kapit, class of 2019.

After a long day at dance, senior Elena Espinoza arrived home to a surprise by her boyfriend, senior Tyler Hoo. She opened the trunk of his car to find a poster covered in an inside joke and her favorite candies, ice cream and a lava cake.

Following the promposal, Prom took place April 27 at the Gallery of Amazing Things in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hoo and Espinoza were one of three couples in the running to take the crowns for Prom Royalty.

The couple met at Silver Trail Middle School, when Hoo was dating Espinoza’s cousin. However, a turn of events led the couple to where they are today. The couple will have been dating for two years as of May 13.

The two always joked about running for Prom Royalty, however they decided to actually run when they realized they may have a shot at winning. When the sign up sheet came out, they went for it. As each guest entered Prom, they voted for the couple they wanted to elect as Prom King and Queen. Towards the end of the night, the DJ crowned Hoo and Espinoza the winners.

The couple crowns themselves after the announcement that they had won. (Photo/Joanne Haner)

“We didn’t believe it because everyone cheered so loud for the other couples that we were sure we didn’t win, but when they called our names we were so happy,” Espinoza said.

The couple described prom as a great experience with their friends.

“Prom was really fun, and when we won, the dance alone was really scary,” Hoo said.

Hoo and Espinoza take their first dance as Prom Royalty. (Photo/Joanne Haner)

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