Painting a rainforest: a poem

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The equator is the blank canvas, 

A moist, damp, marshy landscape.

Where a variety of living species reside,

Under the protective shield of a misty canopy. 

The ooze of dawn’s morning showers,

Trickles through the tops of trees.

Toucans, macaws, and eagles,

Compete for refreshing, morning

Sips of spring water.

The care-free red-eyed tree frogs,

Gaze at the competition around them;

Brightly-feathered birds above and

Slithering snakes below.

Butterflies with wings of garnet, 

Azure and magenta float through 

The misty abyss.

They notice the swinging monkeys, 

Sleeping gorillas and waking jaguars

Resting deep under an oak tree branch.

Iguanas scurry after their next meal, 

Instantly disappearing into the foggy understory. 

The rainforest has a wide variety of species. From plants to organisms, the rainforest is responsible for life’s biodiversity. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons – Erin McKittrick)

Nicholas, a sophomore at American Heritage, is excited to write with the Patriot Post for a second year. With a passion for writing and science, he often creates poetry or performs science research. His favorite hobbies are listening to different kinds of music, collecting albums, and figure skating. Outside of writing-related activities, he participates actively in extracurriculars ranging from Dead Poet’s Society to Key Club to tennis. He hopes to positively impact others through writing by promoting creativity and inspiring future generations!