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Kids krave kookies

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Whether you’re “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” or love to “taste the rainbow,” almost everyone, especially students, has some sort of a sweet tooth. To fulfill student cravings for sugar, the snack bar serves up chocolate chip cookies daily. These cookies aren’t just any ordinary chocolate chip cookies; they are the greatest chocolate chip cookies on the planet, no exaggeration. The warm, half-baked confection is melt-in-your-mouth delicious and deserves some type of award.

However, there is a school wide cookie epidemic going around because the snack bar constantly runs out of these delicious treats. Unless you stop by between classes, chances are you won’t get a cookie. If you plan to wait until lunch to buy yourself “happiness in a pouch,” you will be terribly disappointed.

There are two possible reasons this disaster may be happening. Either the kitchen doesn’t make enough in the morning, or students buy too many at once. Whichever it is, the problem must be fixed. If it’s that kitchen doesn’t bake enough each morning to last the entire day, then there is a simple solution: bake more. Whatever the number of cookies made each day is, double it. This will ensure that when I show up at the line at 12:33, I receive a delicious snack.

If the problem is that there is a select group of students who buy way too many cookies each day, another simple solution is possible: stop. If you buy three or more orders of cookies a day, you need to stop. Not only is it unfair to others, but it’s also just unhealthy. We are all well aware that each order is two amazing cookies for only one dollar, and that that is a great deal, but it is extremely unhealthy and disrespectful to other students who don’t have time between classes or an independent to get cookies before lunch. Be fair and share.

Cookies need to last until the end of lunch. Whether the kitchen needs to make more at the beginning of the day, or kids need to be less selfish in their cookie buying, we need change. Change that ensures equality for all students, no matter their schedule. The chocolate chip cookies are undeniably the best part of the school day and it is just plain wrong to deprive students of them.

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