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    The varsity football team held on to their undefeated record at the most popular game of the regular season.
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Patriots inch closer to playoff after Homecoming win

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Homecoming King and Queen weren’t the only ones crowned after tonight’s game, as the Patriots’ 44-0 win against the Hallandale High School Chargers marked them District 5A champions for the second consecutive year.

Senior wide receiver Anthony Schwartz scored the first touchdown of the night after catching a 46-yard pass by quarterback Cam Smith. After a second 1-yard touchdown by Smith, coupled with a 2-point safety and two successful PATs by senior kicker Jared Elstein, the Patriots clear first quarter 16-0.

Hallandale entered the second quarter with a call of “unsportsmanlike” behavior, not long after, the Patriots received a flag down.

Senior running back Miles Jones scored a 40-yard rushing touchdown for the Patriots with only three minutes off the clock. Deeper into the quarter, a Pick 6 with a 15-yard return made by senior cornerback Tyson Campbell proved their dominance.

The Patriots went into halftime with a 37-0 lead, thanks to a final 2-yard rushing touchdown by Smith, and three successful PATs by Elstein and junior kicker Jimmy Lowery.

Rather than a halftime performance, members of the Homecoming court were escorted onto the field by their parents and introduced to spectators. Earlier in the day, seniors voted online for King and Queen, Ryan Veve and Fiona Baquerizo, who were crowned on the field. As the court cleared off for third quarter to begin, the home-side bleachers erupted into the “Happy Birthday” song for senior American government teacher Mr. Jonathan Pedrone.

Reflecting last year’s game against the Chargers, in the third quarter, mercy rule took effect: because the Patriots were ahead more than 35 points, officials didn’t stop the clock between plays. Senior running back Jordan Johnson cemented the Patriots’ lead with a 1-yard rushing touchdown, putting them up 44-0 after yet another successful PAT by Lowery.

The Patriots, now (8-0), will have one make-up game against Coconut Creek Nov. 3 before officially being named District 5A champions and advancing to Playoffs.

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