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Senior cinematographer Cassius Jennings did not always run a YouTube featuring music videos with big name artists and a following of 29,621 subscribers. He began his career making recap videos for concerts and then started to make music videos. He had this plan ever since he first picked up a camera – start off small and then make music videos.

“I always wanted to be in the music scene, and I didn’t know how. Then I realized having a camera could do it,” Jennings said.

He started out his sophomore year with one camera, no connections, no experience and one big dream. “I already knew I had everything planned for me. Just start off small and work my way up,” Jennings said.

Armed with new videography equipment, multiple tripods, a gimbal, better editing software and a reversed schedule, Jennings now works with artists such as Tee Grizzley, XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, J.I.D., Members Only, 6ix9ine, Yung Bans and Maxo Kream.

Jennings’ reversed schedule puts his music video work days on the weekends. “By my senior year I wanted to make sure I’m doing good for myself and I am. I shoot music videos every week. I am a director, editor and I’m my own production team. I do everything,” Jennings said.

Despite being self-taught, Jennings had some mentors along the way such as Donovan Campbell, an advisor for WAHS. These mentors allowed him to evolve past using starter programs like iMovie to more professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro. “The bigger jobs I take on, well, I try to be as professional as I can. I work with a lot of older people also;  I have to be professional no matter what; especially since I’m young, people doubt me,” Jennings said. After working with larger artists such as Tee Grizzley and XXXTentacion, Jennings’s service, Counterpoint 2.0, is known all over America.

“Once people started contacting me asking if I was in Georgia or in New York, I knew I made it,” Jennings said. He found the greatest influx of fame after American rapper XXXTentacion died. “I believe that was a turning point in my life because the day he passed… That was the day I became known, which sucks to say, but working with him really projected my name, and I want to thank him for that. I hope I did,” Jennings said.

While Jennings continues to grow in his work with music videos, his goal is to do wedding photography. “I’ve worked with a lot of artists and eventually I want to do weddings; that’s where the money’s at. Weddings are more professional, and they are not as difficult as music videos,” Jennings said.

Until then, he will continue his work in cinematography. His travels for music videos have provided a new sense of insight and pride to the high school senior. Most recently, he shot a music video in Philadelphia. “It was a great experience, just traveling from different neighborhoods made me see the world in a different light. But now, all the work I’ve done in the past, well, people are starting to realize who I am and find my name. I’m Counterpoint 2.0 Productions.”

Bella Ramirez, junior, is a Marvel fanatic and hardworking leader. You can find her panicking over deadlines for her four publications (Pressing the Future, Patriot Post, French Newspaper and WAHS) or planning presentations for Key Club most days. When she’s not working then, well, she’s always working. Beyond journalism, she pursues film through directing, producing and writing. She’s excited to present her first feature film in 2019 and its sequel in 2020.

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