Fresh Off the Printer: Expressions Literary Magazine, the print version 

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After working on the print issue since March, the small but mighty Expressions staff has a tangible copy of their hard work that is ready for students to purchase. 

Inside the 25310 publication’s room, during 7th period, sophomore staffer Cyrus Hernandez, sophomore Co-Editor-in-Chief Nina Vieira, senior staffer Emma Kolb and senior Co-Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Cohen would sit in front of their computers and “lock in” until the bell rang.With just four students in the class, they “worked very hard to successfully create an amazing magazine,” according to Cohen.

This year’s edition of the magazine revolves around the theme “Blurred,” as the students wanted to spread the message that even though times aren’t always clear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It took some brainstorming, various bad ideas and a couple hours scrolling through Pinterest to find a theme, but I believe we chose the one that speaks the best to the talented students in our school,” Cohen stated. 

The editors took the bold choice to utilize Canva and not InDesign, which had been used in the previous years, in order to layout the new edition of the magazine.  This ended up saving themselves some time to spend on perfecting the design, as they didn’t have to deal with the intricacies of InDesign. 

“After struggling a lot last year with the design, we made the best decision to switch the website, and it allowed for the magazine’s layout to be much more cohesive and for us to express our creativity better. Especially since this year we increased the size from last year’s magazine” Kolb said. 

Magazines are priced at only $5, and can only be purchased through the QR code.

Order yours and pick it up in room 25310. Staff will come around to sell in classrooms 7th hour also.

Freshman Stella Agratchev reads the short story featured in the literary magazine. “ I can only imagine the amount of work they must have put in to make a 40 page magazine,” Agratchev said. (Photo/Nina Vieira) 

The new edition contains bold colors, fonts and student artwork that “scream” the theme.  (Photo/Nina Vieira).