Tackling defense, junior year, and a new school

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In addition to the heavy workload, the beginning of college stress, standardized tests and other academic pressures that juniors face every year, junior John Fris had to tackle an additional opponent this year: a new school.

With a dream to one day play Division I football, Fris transferred from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after his first semester of junior year.

“I moved because I wanted to be a part of a football program at the level it is here,” Fris said.

In addition to a stringent football schedule, Fris volunteers at his church and helps coach his younger brother’s basketball team. With the exception of a few classes that had to be changed because of the curriculum, he managed to transfer all of his credits and maintain the academic rigor present in his schedule at Stoneman Douglas.

Although Fris appreciates the high standard set for sports and is enjoying the upgrade in food options, he admitted to missing his old school at times.

“I miss seeing all of my friends every day, especially my girlfriend. I also miss not having to wake up so early to get to school,” he said.

Despite the longer commute, Fris said he enjoys the environment and has adjusted well, both academically and socially. He currently harbors dreams of playing college football at an Ivy League school.

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