The benefits of homework days

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Attempting to complete all of your classes’ assigned homework in one night most often equals a stressful and packed evening, especially for those who participate in various clubs and activities after school. However, a potential solution to this nightly occurrence could lie simply in a new homework schedule.

Imagine a system in which specific classes could only collect their assigned homework on specific days, similar to that of scheduled test days. To illustrate, as opposed to your teachers ordaining that their respective homework assignments be due the next day, your chemistry class can only declare homework to be completed by Thursday while your math class can only collect it on Friday. As a result, you can plan out your schedule, organizing your homework load in such a way that you need not tape your eyelids open at 1 in the morning finishing English work.

By following this homework system, students who have a club or extracurricular activity that night have a greater opportunity to complete a substantial amount of homework as well as receive a healthy amount of sleep, knowing they still have the chance to finish the incomplete work the following day. This system has already proven its success in terms of a similar method designed for testing days, relieving students of studying for multiple tests the next day in addition to their usual homework load.

A potential solution following this system could follow along the lines of having homework for a class assigned on the day prior to that same class’s testing day. Therefore, if a student has a test in a class on Friday and homework or review assignments due on Thursday, students would not only successfully complete their work and come with questions prior to the test, but the teacher could use these questions as a review for the whole class. When it comes down to it, any potential alternative to a long, stressful night filled with school work, is one worth exploring.

Sammy Rosenthal is a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation Fla. and is entering his third year writing for the newsmagazine; his first year as the publication’s Sports Editor. Sammy takes pride in being a die-hard Miami Heat and Dolphins fan as well as dedicating his Sunday to watching football.

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