What to do over Spring Break

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Although you might be stuck at home for the break this year, there are many ways to properly spend the week-long vacation. (Photo/Getty Images)

Spring break has finally arrived to give students their first days off from school since President’s Day on Feb. 18. However, though there are students who may be spending this time away from school on a vacation, many students may find themselves stuck at home during the break. For those in this situation, this article serves to provide ideas regarding ways to make the most out of your spring break. 

  1. Follow March Madness throughout the break. Providing yearly amusement, March Madness, the annual NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) college basketball tournament, usually serves as a classic spring break pastime for all sports fanatics. Though it may be too late to create a bracket for the tournament if you have not done so already, you can still use this year as an opportunity to prepare for the next March Madness (or potentially follow your future college team). Those who opted to create brackets for the occasion might feel more connected, but the basketball tournament should be able to provide quality entertainment regardless. 
  2. Get ahead in your schoolwork. Though spring break’s purpose is to offer time off from school, it may be wise catch up or jump ahead on homework. Many students are subject to having seemingly sleepless nights throughout the school year, and spring break can help prevent these nights in the future.
  3. Spend time with some friends who are also staying home for the break. It can prove difficult to hang out with friends during the school year as many students participate in extracurricular activities or have their schedules packed with homework. You can make up for that lost time by going to the movie theater with them to see any films you may have missed during the school year. You can also catch some movies that release during spring break, such as Dumbo, or skip the movie theater altogether and hit the mini-golf course.
  4. Take some time to yourself. Spend the day binge watching shows on Netflix, partaking in activities you enjoy or merely catching up on sleep. You could spend the day looking for a new novel to read or take up a new hobby, such as baking or volunteering around your community. Make sure to make the most of your time during your break from school, before the grind resumes.
  5. Start a new workout regimen or pick up a new sport. Staying active during the break can be very beneficial toward your health. Even if you do not belong to a gym, there are many quick workout routines scattered all over the internet that you could participate in throughout the break. Also, think about taking time to become interested in a new sport that you may want to participate in next school year. 

These are just a few potential possibilities that may enhance this year’s break. Regardless of if you are going on vacation or remaining at home, there are an abundance of ways to ensure a successful spring break.

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