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April 2022


Heritage research takes on Barry University

Research director Mrs. Leya Joykutty chose 13 research students who demonstrated exemplary success in past competitions this year and invited them to compete at Barry University's annual STEM symposium April 8. She allowed them to present their research to college professors and PhD students while learning from accomplished scientists in various fields. (Photo/Leya Joykutty) Keep Reading


Doors or wheels?

Are there more doors or wheels in the world? Fueled by just one tweet, this question would soon take the Internet by storm. (Photo/Jon Tyson via Unsplash) Keep Reading


Are you really oppressed?

Up until recently, history was almost exclusively stories about men, written by and for men. So, it may be baffling to some men when the spotlight is not on them anymore – even for just a month. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons) Keep Reading

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