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Ellaheh "Ella" Gohari

Ellaheh "Ella" Gohari has 25 articles published.

As a sophomore, Ella Gohari is entering her second year on the Patriot Post staff as the co-Editor-in-Chief for the print newsmagazine. A lover of words, Ella spends much of her time writing, whether it be an article, poem, short story or science research paper. She often writes while listening (and singing her heart out) to music, and is particularly fond of rock bands like Metallica, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Her ultimate favorite; however, is Queen. Juggling many interests at once, she has been a science researcher with Mrs. Joykutty since 6th grade, and is now a part of the Sigma Xi Science Society. On the weekends, she volunteers with Village Book Builders and OTTER to teach underprivileged children in Florida and around the world. She is excited to co-lead the newsmagazine and can’t wait to see where the year goes.

Online in an in-person year

The new school year saw students returning to school, allowing them to experience in-person learning after, for some, more than a year online. For senior Sean Kaps and his sister, sophomore Sydney Kaps, however, this “normal” school year has been anything but. (Photo/Sydney Kaps) Keep Reading


Dear America, stop intervening in other countries’ governments

As America reels from the embarrassing failure of the “War on Terror” in Afghanistan—which senselessly cost over 8 trillion taxpayer dollars and nearly 1 million lives (including more than 300,000 Afghan civilians) only for Afghanistan to end up right back in Taliban control—we must consider: is interfering in other countries worth it? (Photo/U.S. Public Domain Archive) Keep Reading


How to stay active at home

As summer comes to an end and school begins, you may find your daily activity levels increasing due to activities like sports practices and physical education courses or by walking to class across campus. Here are some ways to stay active. Keep Reading

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